Frequently Asked Questions for Construction

General Questions

All of the holding tanks on our Portable Restrooms and Trailers are pumped empty by using a large vacuum truck. The waste is then transported to local waste water treatment facilities, where it is treated and disposed of properly.

We do, on occasion, have older equipment that we will sell to customers that would like permanent Portables for use. In many cases we service these units for the customers, going forward.

We service a very large area with shop locations in Milton, Hamilton, Kitchener, London, Windsor, Exeter and Kincardine. Please click here to visit our Service Areas page.

Portable Restroom Questions

Our driver will make all reasonable attempts to service the unit(s). The unit will be cleaned, and supplies restocked. It will be noted in your order as to why the unit was only partially serviced. If the unit is only partially serviced due to being blocked, unreachable, behind locked gates or the like, you may request us to return to the site prior to your next scheduled route day for an additional fee.

One Portable Restroom will accommodate up to 10 workers per 40-hour work week when serviced one time per week. This rate of 1 to 10 is also the ANSI standard for our industry.

The MOL requires that a Flush system, with a mechanism that separates where the user sits and the holding tank is available, either Hand Sanitizer or running water, with soap where possible. Our Flush and Sink & Flush units meet the requirements.

Restroom Trailer Questions

Unlike a typical Portable Restroom, Restroom Trailers offer a variety of features and amenities much like that of a home restroom. Running water sinks, air conditioning and heat, non-recirculating flushable toilets and urinals and lighting, are a few of the amenities that make them popular. They are insulated and the heat and air conditioning protects users from the environment. Restroom Trailers also have much larger waste tanks than a Portable Restroom and therefore increase the usage capacity at a site.

No. With the added capacity that a Restroom Trailer has and the non-recirculating flushing toilets, a Restroom Trailer will take the place of a number of Portable Restrooms.

Invoice Questions

The winterization fee is applied to all Portable Restrooms (not Trailers) to help cover some of the cost of additional chemicals that are required to prevent the water in the waste tank, from freezing over the winter months. This fee applies from November 1st to March 31st.

We pre-bill, at the beginning of every rental period.

Yes. Many of our customers currently have their invoices emailed.

We accept Credit Card (Visa or MC), direct deposit or cheque for payment. If paying by credit card once we process payment we will email you the transaction receipt for your records.